Online UPS

Online UPS

Online double conversion DSP based UPS system for high end servers, workstations, CAD/CAM.. sensitive to AC power irregularities and blackout. The high switching frequency of the UPS enables fast response to dynamic loads like Corporate workstations, Diagnostic centers,CNCs textile and printing equipment, galss processing, medical equipments etc.., resulting in good transient response for linear and non-linear loads. The UPS is designed to support advanced electronic equipments with high crest factor demand and provides unmatched performance.Clients can avail from us  a wide range of Online UPS that are developed with PWM technology. The online UPS for uninterrupted supply of electric power is offered in functional range between 600 VA – 100 KVA, 1Phase & 3Phase.These are considered ideal for voltage fluctuation & malfunctioning due to no reliable or distorted mains supply carrying surges, sags, spikes, line noises, switching transients and harmonic distortions.

We are dealing with wide brands like Seyon, Emerson, Numeric, Etc..

These are used for the following applications,

  • Computers and Servers.
  • Network Room.
  • Tele-communication.
  • Educational Institutions.
  • Sensitive and critical processing units.
  • Medical diagnostics.
  • Biomedical equipment.
  • Medical activities and more..,

Line Interactive UPS

Line Interactive UPS allows for faster response to a power failure than a standby UPS. The Line Interactive UPS uses a totally different design than any type of standby UPS. In this type of unit, the separate battery charger, inverter and source selection switch have all been replaced by a inbuild design which both charges the battery and converts its energy to AC for the output as required alongwith buck boost technology. Furthermore, these intelligent systems offer excellent performance and longer service life to the users.