Luminous Trolley

Luminous Trolley with premium quality, Ultra Durable Trolley for double & single Tubular Battery Inverter and Home UPS to reduce storage space and look home beautiful.

It is spacious, safe and made from tough long lasting material which does not get destroyed by spillage from battery, Battery is kept inside the trolley and inverter is placed on the top of it. It has wheels for easy mobility.

This screw less battery trolley is made for easy battery maintenance. It is open from back side for ventilation and water topping.

This is a strong, move able and easy to install.

Microtek Trolley for single flat plate battery

Microtek – The leader in UPS brings Trolley for elegant look for home and safety for children. Trolley is also known as Inverter battery cover or case, It is elegant, movable, safe and made from long lasting material. It provides home an elegant look, stops damage of flooring from acid spillage and provides safety to children. Battery is kept inside trolley and Inverter / UPS is placed on top of it, thus taking less space.