Emerson is a diversified global manufacturing and technology company. It’s five business segment ares: network power, process management, climate technologies, industrial automation, and commercial and residential solutions.
Emerson in India

Emerson product offerings such as motors, drives and fans were made available in India during the 1950s to support the country’s first steps towards industrialization and economic growth. Emerson first entered India directly in 1980’s, through joint-venture relationships with several Indian-owned companies as a means to continue growing its business. Emerson has been investing significantly in India ever since 1990’s. In more recent years, Emerson has fully acquired several of these joint ventures and integrated the companies into its existing business platforms.

Today, Emerson has a robust and growing presence in India. Here are some key facts about Emerson in India:

Emerson posted approximately US $700 million in India in fiscal 2014.
Emerson has more than 10,000 employees at 17 manufacturing locations and more than 100 offices across India (2014).
With 5 global engineering centers present in Pune, Noida, Chennai and Mohali, India has become a key center for Emerson’s global engineering and development initiatives.
Emerson’s top executive in India is Pradipta Sen, president of Emerson’s India, Middle East and Africa operations.

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